West 6th Ave and Federal Boulevard Reconstruction Denver

Partnership heading up community effort to assist communication and mitigation of impacts

Before the close of 2013, the Colorado Department of Highways (CDOT) confirmed with the City and County of Denver the funding of a Federal reconstruction project between West 6th Avenue and Howard Place (approximately W. 14th Ave.). Slated to begin in late in 2014, the Federal project will begin closely behind another significant project, the reconstruction of West 6th between I-25 and Knox Court.

Due to the massive size and impact of both projects, CDOT in collaboration with the Design Construction firm hired for 6th Ave. reconstruction and Denver is kicking-off a massive media and community outreach effort. Additionally, Denver Public Works has given the Partnership a grant to assist in the communication effort as well as developing alternative transportation strategies for impacted businesses and local communities. Defined as Transportation Demand Management (TDM), the planning effort will be specific to impacted communities and involve local community representatives with alternative transportation stakeholders. The impacted community is generally defined as south of West Colfax, north of Evans, east of Sheridan and west of approximately Tejon.

Short term, the Partnership is at the table assisting the development of short-term strategies associated with 6th Ave. reconstruction. Long-term, the Partnership will facilitate a community discussion of alternative transportation strategies with local transportation and community stakeholders.

Look to these pages and the Partnership’s Facebook site for additional information as it becomes available. If you would like to assist in the process of helping determine alternative transportation strategies, please use our Partnership Activity Signup by selecting 6th/Federal Reconstruction checkbox.

Regular updates may also be found on the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)’s webpage.

If you would like to contact CDOT directly, they have a hotline 720-881-5540 and an email address us6bridgesinfo@cig-pr.com set up to answer questions.

Here are some additional resources for information:

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Help the Federal Boulevard BID Chose a Logo

Do you have an opinion about the two logos being considered for the Federal BID? Please share your preference by participating in an online survey. Before taking the survey, read the following post about the Federal BID Brand driving the “look” of the two logos.

The Federal Boulevard Business Improvement District (Federal BID) is in the last phase of completing a branding and marketing plan. The planning process involved two public community and stakeholder sessions, and an online survey to gauge ideas and opinions. The information gathered is being used in developing a brand with accompanying marketing plan, to be released in March, 2014. The brand identifies what makes us unique, who we are and what we strive for. A marketing plan identifies the strategies used to support the brand and district, driving economic growth and improvements to the benefit of local businesses and surrounding community.

A logo, is the visual representation of the brand. It coveys identity, and should capture the look, essence and context of our product and place. It can be simple or complex in design and is typically creative, imaginative and striking.

Public input and research defining the brand resulted in two distinct design approaches for a logo. At it’s core, the Federal BID brand is defined as a historic neighborhood with openness and ambition. It is also independent, authentic and vibrant. Definitions of the brand include concepts such as dynamic, friendly, diverse, centralized, urban, walkable and local. Conveying the brand in a logo with elements as different as historic, dynamic, urban and diverse is challenging!

A logo can contain text to more firmly fix the brand and place. After much discussion and debate, use of “The Boulevard”, is believed to best characterize the context of the community evoking images of a historic boulevard, which is urban in nature with mature landscaping and prominent structures that promote accessible and walkable places. It was also felt “The Boulevard” is a unique moniker not currently captured in the Denver metro area. Importantly, it has historic precedent since Federal had originally been named Boulevard before Highlands was annexed by Denver in 1896. Another important element raised during the public process was the recognition of Jefferson Park in branding and marketing efforts. Much of the community in the Federal BID is in the Jefferson Park neighborhood and several new businesses use the name.

Viola, a perfect match; “The Boulevard at Jefferson Park”.

What do Bronco Fans and Federal Boulevard Partnership Have in Common?

Both have a lot of drive and support to show that they can make a difference. In the last three years, Federal Boulevard Partnership (Partnership) established a Business Improvement District and brought attention to a new brand, supporting new family-friendly businesses that not only serve local neighborhoods but Bronco fans!

The Partnership brought support and advise in the planning efforts of the new Decatur Federal light rail station and other city transportation needs surrounding the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver city officials recognize the Partnership as a viable voice for Northwest Denver, hence bringing more participation from other neighboring organizations. Streetscape approaches, Parkway setback allowances, Denver’s new zoning code adoption with events like “Better Block Jefferson Park” and “Fun on Federal” are examples of local collaborations and accomplishments by the Partnership.

The Partnership kicks off 2014 with five strategic goals and plans of action. The Partnership board representing both local businesses, property owners and neighborhood associations, narrowed down realistic goals and priorities. Members and fans of Federal Boulevard will be able to participate along the way to help make a difference. Read the rest of this entry »