Federal Reconstruction Meeting and Open House


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West 13th Ave Realignment Study Open House

Map of W. 13th Ave Study Area

Map of W. 13th Ave Study Area

After several years of community discussions, research and documentation led by the Denver Planning Office the Decatur Federal Station Area Plan was passed by Denver City Council in April of 2013. Earlier this year, City Council passed the General Development Plan for Sun Valley. The adopted plans recommend a redesign of West 13th Avenue between Federal Blvd to approximately Zuni St (directly east of the South Platte River). The plans recommended the redesign should accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists in a balanced transportation solution. They further recommended the solution should include separated sidewalks, a tree-lawn, on-street parking and enhanced bike facilities.

The recently announced W. 13th Avenue Realignment Study by the Denver Planning Office is the effort that will “take the bull by the horns” and determine how to best design and accomplish the potential transformative project. The project involving two community meetings will take place and conclude in 2014.

The first public meeting and open house is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4, 5:30 to 7:00 PM at Fairview Elementary School, 2715 W. 11th Ave. Another public meeting should occur in August. Read the rest of this entry »

A Lot Happening at The Boulevard in Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park Pub - 2445 Eliot

Jefferson Park Pub – 2445 Eliot

If you haven’t stopped by The Boulevard at Jefferson Park the past several months, then it’s way past due! Early in the winter Chili Verde opened at W. 23rd and Federal. Several months later in time for spring Crossfit Jefferson ParkJefferson Park Pub and Sexy Pizza opened along Eliot at W. 23rd Ave. Early this summer, Sartos is slated for opening at W. 25th and Eliot. Even existing businesses are getting into the act. Pioneer 2914 Coffee continues to expand their offerings, Federal Bar and Grill is planning to add an outdoor deck and Santiago’s is upgrading and expanding their deck at Federal at W. 25th. It is rumored that a Yogurt shop will be in the offing later this summer.

For those unfamiliar with The Boulevard at Jefferson Park, this is the new brand for the Federal Blvd Business Improvement District (Federal BID). The new Federal BID has had an active year so far, hiring two co-directors Kendra Sandoval and Leslie Twarogowski in March. Both have been busy “making the rounds” meeting business and property owners. They have helped shepherd a new parking plan with Denver’s Parking Management incorporating business and local residential input. The new plan involving changing much of the existing parking zones to 2-hour restricted, is meant to mitigate anticipated parking demands with the new business openings in the district. Kendra and Leslie have applied for streetscape grant funds for the district and are looking at other funding opportunities to support public art and continued public right-of-way improvements. Executing marketing efforts on behalf of businesses associated to The Boulevard at Jefferson Park is “job one” this summer. Look for more to come!

Federal Reconstruction Schedule Released – TDM Planning Effort Underway

TMAProject milestones for the reconstruction of Federal Boulevard have been recently released. On the drawing boards for many years, it was a pleasant surprise to the Partnership when the Colorado Department of Transportation RAMP program funded the project in late 2013. The project involves full reconstruction of the roadway between W. 6th Avenue to W. Howard Place (W. 14th Ave.) adding one northbound lane, improving sidewalks, adding center median, improving the W. 10th Avenue and Federal intersection and adding landscaping. The project involves private property acquisition for adding to the public right-of-way along the east side of Federal. Project milestones include:

  • Environmental Assessment update from spring 2014 to November 2014
  • Public Open House in the summer of 2014
  • Right-of-Way acquisition beginning late 2014 and continuing to early 2016
  • Project reconstruction begins in 2016

Due to this exciting project and W. 6th Avenue reconstruction currently underway, the Partnership was in receipt of a grant from Denver Public Works to assist a community grassroots effort to plan mitigation of the reconstruction projects. Called Transportation Demand Management (TDM), the effort seeks to develop strategic and programs for local residential and business communities that will provide travel alternatives to normal vehicular options. These programs can serve to not only mitigate impacts of the two reconstruction projects but hopefully provide a long-term sustainable approach to reducing vehicular travel through these corridors. An initial TDM planning meeting of community stakeholders was held April 17th. A draft TDM report will be released for comment in June. Several element of the plan include:

  • Build a centralized project web site that is a centralized hub where people can find out what is going on with the project, how to find out about their travel options, and incentives that may be available to them.
  • Conduct targeted community walk and bike events that are timed with major construction elements such as the closing of bridges.
  • Individualized travel plans should be made available.
  • Work with the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ Way to Go program to target businesses and residents along the corridor to encourage them to form carpools and utilize to identify their travel options.
  • Solicit free transit passes from RTD for distribution to households in the corridor as part of travel plans.